Reflexology Therapy in Castlewellan

If you feel tired and exhausted without any apparent reason, then contact Homeostasis Reflexology. Our reflexology sessions may make the difference.


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We Offer A Range Of services

Reflexology services

Psychosensory Therapy

Sports Massage Therapy

Reiki - Master/Teacher Level

Reflexology services

Psychosensory Therapy

Sports Massage Therapy

Reiki - Master/Teacher Level

What is Homeostasis?

Homeostasis is a state of balance within the body when all of its systems are working as they should, within optimal levels and conditions that are best for survival.

Homeostasis Reflexology Aine

Who Are We?

Homeostasis Reflexology is owned and operated by Áine Laverty. She has been treating clients in her clinic in The Lodge, 1 Dublin Road, Castlewellan, Co Down since it opened in 2008.
The idea for the business came to fruition following a chance conversation with some friends after a long battle with Postnatal Depression - PND - 25 years ago. Her journey into complementary therapies started after receiving a Reiki treatment and this kick-started her recovery after she had exhausted all other conventional avenues of medication and various types of counselling. For her, this seemed to be the most natural progression that in order to give back, she wanted to train and gain experience in different healing modalities.
  • Reiki 1 - 2001 followed by Reiki 2 in 2003
  • Reflexology in 2006
  • Bach L1 - 2005, Bach L2 - 2006, Bach L3 Practitioners Level - 2013
  • L3 Diploma in Advanced Reflexology Techniques 2011
  • Reiki 3 Master/Teacher Level - 2015
  • Bergman Method of Facial Reflexology - 2016
  • L3 Sports Massage - 2021
  • L4 Sports Massage - 2022

In recent years, Áine has been honing her skills and has trained in Palliative Care reflexology, fertility reflexology and finger-free reflexology. She has also been gaining experience in Havening Techniques – a psychosensory therapy.

Foot Reflexology Services in Castlewellan

Tailored reflexology sessions

Also known as zone therapy, reflexology is essentially a set of pressure techniques used to help create the required balance in our body. Our therapist will discuss your health condition and offer you tailored reflexology sessions. Contact us for details.

Head Reflexology Services in Castlewellan

Safe and effective therapies

As our therapy sessions are non-intrusive and can help you lead a balanced life. Feel free to discuss your health issues with our therapists. We provide therapies and other treatments to suit your needs.


Benefits We Offer

We run extended business hours outside your regular schedules alongside free parking on site. We have many years of experience to help provide the best services possible.

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